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Thread: Yoga during pregnancy

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    Yoga during pregnancy

    I have been advised that doing exercises helps during labour. I have started some yoga exercises with the help of YouTube videos. I thought that yoga would be helpful since it helps with breathing. I found some positions to be difficult and I can't stretch much. Shall I continue with easy yoga positions or look for an alternative exercise routine?

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    Dear Emma,

    You are right - being active and exercising during pregnancy helps you to have a healthy pregnancy and also means you are more likely to have a quicker, easier labour.

    You should exercise at a similar level to your pre-pregnancy exercise regime, unless your doctor has advised you otherwise. You should avoid contact sports or anything which feels uncomfortable. It is best if you can attend a pregnancy yoga class as then you will have a trained instructor to guide you through the positions. An alternative sport which is excellent in pregnancy is swimming. Many women particularly enjoy swimming in the third trimester because the water takes the weight of the baby and you can move around easily.

    I also wonder if you have considered taking a hypnobirthing class? Self hypnosis can help you to relax and 'go within yourself' during labour, turning off the conscious thinking side of the brain whilst you breathe through the surges (contractions). I found hypnobirthing helped immensely with my last labour. In hypnobirthing classes you are taught how to breathe through the surges.

    Please do ask any further questions you have about this here.
    Best wishes,

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    I will search and sign in for some pregnancy classes which will guide me through exercises.

    Thank you for your continued support.

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    You are really welcome. I'm so excited for you...38 weeks I wish you a wonderful, empowering birth and beautiful bonding time with your newborn baby.


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    Hi Emma4life

    I took Yoga classes every week during my last pregnancy and found them helpful in so many ways - physically, psychologically and emotionally. It is important that the Yoga poses you use are suitable during pregnancy, and what is safe and comfortable will change as your pregnancy progresses. For this reason, like LJ I recommend you attend a class.

    Some Yoga centres run classes especially for pregnant women. Others will have instructors well versed in how to modify regular poses for pregnant women. I went to one such centre and while I was in a regular class (and one of only two pregnant women in a class of 20) the instructor always outlined alternative exercises for us where those being provided for other participants could be dangerous.

    I hope you continue to enjoy Yoga and that you have a beautiful birth!


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    God Bless you and to your family....
    yes it is very useful as it gives you more healthier pregnancy....and it makes you give birth easier.


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    It's important to always tell your instructor that you are pregnant or to take a yoga class specifically designed for pregnant ladies.

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    I think it is better if you attend yoga class for pregnant woman because they will teach you how to do it right. Yoga can help you to have a good breathing especially when your are laboring. There are some exercises that are for couples or married.

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