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Thread: Milk with Ghee

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    Milk with Ghee

    Does it help to drink milk with ghee in the last month of pregnancy? I have heard that it smooths the birth canal. I am not sure whether I should drink this mix daily or not?

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    Dear Emma,

    Actually there is no scientific research that drinking ghee in the third trimester is beneficial to pregnancy and labour. In fact, some sources show that ghee can induce labour if a woman is full term by stimulating the gut and setting off contractions. This 'method' of induction is best avoided as it can cause diarrhoea which no-one wants to have during labour. Ghee is also very high in calories so daily consumption of ghee would make it more difficult to return to your pre-pregnancy weight in the months following birth.

    What is advised to help to speed up labour is staying active during pregnancy. Unless your doctor has advised you otherwise, you can continue to exercise at a similar level to before pregnancy (avoiding any contact sports). Being active and in an upright position during the labour also leads to a quicker and easier labour.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello LJ,

    That answers my concern.

    Thank you for being a great help.



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    I'm glad this information was helpful Emma.

    Have you come across Raspberry Leaf Tea? This can be drank at the end of the third trimester and is thought to make contractions more efficient (it does not induce labour as some incorrectly believe).

    Warm wishes,

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    I will look for this specific tea. Thank you for your continued support.

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    When I feel of pain during my monthly periods that time ghee always helped me. so i guess it will help at the time of delivery as well.

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    Dear austinkmadison,

    I would advise you to keep a check on how many calories you are eating if you want to eat ghee. Ghee is very high in calories and it is wise to stay active and healthy during pregnancy. This has been shown to help in labour, however, there is no research I am aware of that shows eating ghee benefits a woman in labour.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for your question.

    This would help you to put on weight but it is not a healthy way to do this (because of the high levels of saturated fat). It would be better to raise the fat content in your diet from food such as meat, nuts and dairy. As you say, it is important to be a healthy weight in pregnancy. It is your body mass index which is important. A low body mass index unfortunately puts a pregnant woman at increased risk of miscarriage and having a baby with a low birth weight. Do you know what your body mass index is?

    Warm wishes,

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