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    De-worming the natural way - How effective?


    Although we do our best to practice good hygiene at home, I can't be following my toddler like a hawk 24/7. So I make sure that he gets his de-worming 2x a year.
    I have read that there are herbal plants that can be used for de-worming.

    Is it safe? Is it more effective?


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    Hi Raven

    Personally I have only ever used pharmacy preparations for worming of my children. I do not offer these routinely though, as you suggest. Instead I encourage good hygiene (like you) and watch for symptoms of worms.

    Both my children love animals and always want to pat passing dogs and cats so I carry antibacterial hands wipes all the time which both my children have to clean their hands with after patting.

    In 9 years I have only had two occasions to use worming medications and I am fairly certain that neither was actually worms after all.


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