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    Push it!

    When my first child was born, he has an "elongated" head, just like an alien's, caused by my unwillingness to push because of the extreme pain. During his 1st month up to his 1st year, he cries excessively, for no reason; he can't walk and speak properly, to the point that I even thought he's mute. Not until my husband and I found out that he has a mild Autism. Did the way I pushed and his elongated head the cause of him having mild Autism?

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    An elongated head in a baby immediately following birth is very normal. It is not caused by an unwillingness to push. It is the natural way the plates in a baby's head move to make it easier for them to come out of the birth canal. Is it this elongated head immediately following birth you are referring to? Yes it can look quite alien-like! But rest-assured it is normal and not your fault.

    Many children cry in their first year because they just want to be held or want to be breastfed (they get a huge amount of comfort from the breast). If you breastfeed on demand, co-sleep and babywear then this can really help. Did these things help your son? Or do you feel his crying could not be consoled by comfort?

    It's actually considered normal for a child to not learn to walk until 18 months of age. At 12 months many children can't walk or speak.

    Has the mild autism now been diagnosed? No it would not have been caused by how you pushed during birth -I'm not aware of any evidence of this.

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