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    14 month old not walking yet!

    My 14 month old son has not started walking yet. He cruises around holding onto the furniture or my hands, but sits down immediately if I let go. He loves to stand up, but only when he's holding onto something. He is very tall and has always been in the 100th percentile for height and weight. Sometimes I wonder if that could be affecting his ability to get moving on his own. Should he be walking by now? What age is late and should I be worried? Thank you for your advice!

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    Hello twolittleboys,

    Do not worry. It is normal for children to not start walking up until they are 18 months old. Anything from 9-18 months is considered in the normal range to start walking. All children are different and will learn different skills at different times. Just because a child starts walking on the 'later' end of the normal range does not mean they will be any slower to develop other skills (running, jumping, hopping etc) in the future.

    It sounds like your little boy is doing a great job of cruising around. My older son started walking at 14 months; he did not do any practice/wobbly steps just one day he stood up and walked right across the room! Some children will only demonstrate a new skill when they are certain they can do it! This is in contrast to my very different younger son who started walking at 10 months but initially with just a couple of wobbly steps.

    Just to reiterate, please don't be concerned Also, speaking from experience, sometimes heavier babies walk in the later range of normal. If you are still worried for any reason then talk to your health visitor.

    Best wishes,

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    That's a relief, thank you! I'm sure he will be more confident on his feet in the next four months - which is still within the normal range Sometimes it's hard to ignore other mothers who tell stories about their child walking at 9-10 months. My son is so tall people assume he is 2 or 3 years old and ask why he can't walk!

    Thank you so much for the reassurance and the extra information

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    My first walked at 10 months, and funny story, he couldn't crawl when he started walking, and he also couldn't get himself to a standing position without something of the right height and stability to pull himself up on... so he'd pull himself up on a chair or whatever, walk to the middle of the room, sit down to do something, and then be completely stuck! Couldn't stand up, couldn't crawl to where he could get himself up... I used to laugh lots :P That lasted a few months until he figured out how to crawl.

    There's a wide range of normal! And they're easier to keep track of for longer when they walk late

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    That's so funny Asrathiel! I haven't heard of that happening before. I suppose their strength can develop in different ways - walking before crawling Mine is definitely crawling and he is fast! I'm sure he will walk when he's ready, just glad I have a few more months before I need to worry

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    I'm glad you are feeling happier about this twolittleboys.

    I think it's a shame that there is so much implied pressure on parents with the constant questions of: 'is he walking yet', 'is he talking yet', 'when will he potty trained' and (my pet hate) 'is he sleeping through the night yet'. As Asrathiel says there is a wide range of normal. The impact of all these pressures is that parents sometimes sadly miss out on what their babies/ toddlers are like now because they are worrying so much about them meeting the next developmental milestone.

    It sounds like your little lad is getting about just fine!

    Warm wishes,

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    There is a lot of pressure, mostly from people who don't mean to upset you (like grandparents ).

    Thanks again for your advice. Instead of worrying I will enjoy watching him discover new tricks and skills

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    Yes. I have learnt to let the 'is he doing .... yet' comments wash over me now. I guess I have grown more confident with time.

    Enjoy watching your little boy having fun!


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    Thanks again LJ

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    I heard a situation like this, her baby walked on the 13th month just have patience its still normal i guess,now the baby i was referring to, is already walking.

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    Yes that's right raf. Children start to walk anywhere from 9-18 months. My advice to new parents would be just to relax and enjoy the stage they are at. Of course, if you do have any concerns about your child's development then you can talk to your health visitor or doctor.


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