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    Post Hot Chocolate Safe in Pregnancy?

    I love hot chocolate/cocoa and drink one just about every evening. I'm about 6 weeks along in my pregnancy and am worried that I shouldn't be drinking hot chocolate because of the caffeine in the chocolate. Is it safe to drink a hot chocolate once a day while pregnant?

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    A hot chocolate once a day is safe in pregnancy.

    You need to look at your total daily caffeine intake. This should be no more than 200 mg a day in pregnancy. Hot chocolates generally contain less than 25 mg of caffeine. Have a look at this chart on the caffeine content of drinks.

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    Thanks for the details

    Good to know! And thanks for the specific details and the chart!

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    Pregnancy is a time that requires some extra care regarding what you are eat and drink hot chocolate is good for health but not more than 200 gm per day

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