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Thread: Did you send out birth announcements?

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    Did you send out birth announcements?

    I was just looking at the lovely birth announcements page, and I love seeing the families welcoming a new member into their family. The photos are beautiful and capture an incredible moment in the lives of these families. I never sent out birth announcements, either online or with an actual card. I sometimes wish I had, but I was usually busy with a new little one at home and just never seemed to have the time.

    Did you send out birth announcements? Did you create your own? Did you share photos with the family or just photos of the new baby (babies)?

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    I sent out birth announcements with my first and second baby. Kind of sad to say I didn't do it with the rest =/. We used a premade template that could be customized. It had her name, birth information, and picture. With the rest of the babies I did give out photos of their birth, as a sort of announcement.

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