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Thread: Full cream or skim milk?

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    Full cream or skim milk?

    My two year old loves to drink milk. I don't give him more than the recommended amount each day but I do give him full cream milk. Somebody mentioned that by age 2, you should move to giving them skim milk. Is that true? Is there any harm in giving him full cream milk?

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    Hi twolittleboys,

    A two year old needs to have around 350mg of Calcium a day.

    Firstly, I was just wondering if you breastfeed him? A two year old can still get a huge amount of nutrients, immunology properties and comfort (to name just a few advantages) from breastmilk.

    Up to age 2 full fat cows milk is recommended if you are giving cows milk. Between 2 and 5 years you could give your child semi-skimmed milk (although not skimmed milk) but it really depends on their overall diet, how well they eat, how much Calcium they eat from other food sources etc. Therefore, for many, many children full fat cows milk is still the best type of cows milk to drink at age 2.

    Does this help you?

    Best wishes,

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    No, I'm not still breastfeeding, my son was weaned a while ago when his little brother made a surprise appearance

    He is not the best eater - picky like most little ones - but does like yoghurt and cheese (on occasion). If he won't eat dinner (one sultana is not unheard of) I always feel better if he will drink some milk afterwards.

    I'm going to stick with the full cream milk and take it off my list of things to worry about! Thanks again LJ

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    Sounds like fairly normal picky eating for a toddler!

    Yes that sounds sensible given his eating habits. Will be eat porridge made with full fat milk?

    Best wishes,

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    Thanks for sharing austinkmadison and welcome to our forum

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