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Thread: Advice for long haul flight with two active babies!

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    Advice for long haul flight with two active babies!

    I am taking my two year old and 14 month old on a long haul flight this Christmas. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep them occupied and how to avoid meltdowns? I am usually very organised and will have snacks/dummies/toys but we've done flights before and it has been DIFFICULT! I would love any advice people might have

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    Hello twolittleboys,

    Ahhh I've been there and I understand your stress! We took our boys (then aged 2.5 years and 9 months) on two 12 hour flights this summer.

    Will your flight be a night-time or a daytime flight? If it is a night flight then you can encourage them to settle down and sleep as much is possible. I delayed my boys' naps for our night-flight and they slept really well on the plane.

    The daytime flight on the way back was more challenging. However, it was still better than I had been fearing I found sticker books to be great for my 2 year old - we had one with over 200 stickers that he had to match up to the right pictures. I also prepared a little goodie bag of small (inexpensive) toys that they hadn't seen before. I only took one toy out at a time and this helps to amuse them for many hours.

    I wore my youngest in a sling (a Mei Tai) for a large amount of the flight and this helped him to : settle, breastfeed easily and sleep. I also packed some thin cotton black sheets to put over their eyes whilst they were sleeping so the changes in light did not wake them.

    Our netbook was a great help to us - I won't deny it! It has a battery life of 7 hours and we loaded it full of programmes they hadn't watched before.

    Yes we took lots of little snacks too. Again I would say packing a bigger variety (rather than a larger quantity of just one snack) helped with their interest levels.

    An aquadoodle (you can get a travel one and there are other brands too) was also great for the plane as it doesn't run out!

    When we only had my eldest son he went on a long haul flight ages 14 months and laid on me for about three quarters of it and I would just breastfeed him whenever he stirred. I used a breastfeeding apron (which I don't normally use - find them too fiddly and am happy with my feeding from any clothes now) to provide him with some dark and a personal space.

    Myself and my husband both wore our boys in the slings (we now have a Tula for our older boy which you can use up to about age 4) and this really helped with reducing airport stress (although we did have to pop them out to go through security).

    We also found a bottle of bubbles helpful and a Rubik Cube.

    Please do post back and let me know if any of these suggestions are helpful and I can always think of some more.

    Hope it goes well!

    Best wishes,
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    Wow! This is fantastic advice, thank you so much for taking the time to write it down for me. I really do appreciate it. Some things I had never thought of, like bubbles, are a great idea - quiet and interesting and the babies love them. I also didn't know you could get carriers that hold up to 4 year olds...I wish I'd known that for my last flight when I was carrying a two month old and chasing a runaway toddler. I am still scarred by the experience

    I'm going to print out your recommendations. Thanks again so much!

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    I'm so pleased this was helpful

    I'll let you know if I think of many more tips and do let me know how your flight goes.

    I'll be thinking of you,

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