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    Delayed vaccination scheme

    One of my friends' husbands does not believe in vaccinations. She has managed to convince him to go along with vaccinating their children by using a delayed vaccination scheme (I think that's what it's called). It means that the babies get vaccinations one at a time rather than 3 injections in one day. Does anyone know if the delayed scheme is better for babies? I feel like their little systems are so bombarded when they are all administered together!

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    Yes there is evidence that this causes less side effects and less severe side effects at that. This is a major advantage of spacing the vaccination schedule and having single vaccinations.

    The only real downsides to a delayed vaccination scheme (or schedule) are that you have to take your child for more vaccination visits to the nurse/doctor (this is a really minor disadvantage in my opinion) and a consideration of the chance they could catch a particular disease in the period that you are delaying the vaccines. However, in relation to the later disadvantage, the child does not normally have the latest single vaccine a huge amount of time later but it also depends on the incidence of the disease in the particular area in which you live.

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    It does sound like there are great benefits to delayed vaccination, more than I realised. I'm going to look into it for both my babies when we have our next check up. My eldest has always reacted badly, lots of crying and fever but my youngest is really relaxed and only cries for a minute and then you'd never know it had been done. Thanks for the book recommendation too, I will pass it on to my friend as well.

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