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    CTG weekly

    My doctor has scheduled me to go to the hospital for CTG scans weekly now. How does CTG scans help a doctor study the case?

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    Hi Emma,

    How many weeks pregnant are you now?

    A CTG test checks the baby's heart rate and this also checks that the baby is getting sufficient oxygen from the placenta.

    There are a number of reasons why doctors may want to monitor this in the third trimester. Did your doctor explain why he wanted you to have weekly CTG tests?

    Warm wishes,

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    Hello LJ,

    I am 38 weeks pregnant now.

    The doctor stated that they want to make sure that the baby's heart rate is normal.


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    This is normal practice in some hospitals. Although also still your choice.

    What are your wishes for the birth? Have you thought much about the sort of birth you would like? There is lots more information about birth choices here.

    Warm wishes,

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    Hi LJ,

    I am still thinking about birth for now. I will go through the birth choices here.

    Thank you

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    Thanks for your reply Emma.

    I would be really interested to know your birth wishes/ birth hopes when you have had time to think about it more.

    With my most recent birth I hoped for a natural labour as I wanted my labour to be as low risk and 'smooth' as possible. Overall, I hoped for a positive birthing and experience (whatever journey my labour took) and I am pleased to say that I certainly view this labour as a positive and empowering experience. You can read Josh's birth story here. I found reading positive birth stories really helpful towards the end of my pregnancy.

    Best wishes,

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    I plan on going for a natural birth and hopefully things remain that way.


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    That sounds like a great plan Emma. Have you thought about using a birth pool in your labour? Many women find that the warm water acts as a natural painkiller. Being in a birthing pool also creates a sort of 'private birthing place' and this can make it easier to shut out the world around you and focus only on your breathing and your baby.

    Are you planning a home birth or a hospital birth? It is important that you feel comfortable and safe in your birthing environment.

    Have you heard of the positive birth movement? You can read many excellent positive birth stories through their website and they can also put you in touch with a 'birth buddy' to support you through the rest of your pregnancy.

    Warm wishes,

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