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    How much Breast Milk Should a Mom Leave with me for a Newborn?

    Hi, I just started a home day care. I signed up a six week old baby today. The mom breast feeds her little girl. She is going to pump and leave milk with me. I will be watching the baby for six hours. How much breast milk should she leave with me?

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    Newborns usually do well with a 2 ounce feed of breast milk every hour and a half to 2 hours. 6 week olds often go through growth spurts and some babies will take 4 to 6 ounce feedings. It really all depends upon the baby. I cared for a baby who only took 2 ounces at each feed, but I've also cared for babies that took 4 ounces at a feed. I would suggest having mum leave 24 ounces of milk with you each day for a few days (in 2 ounce servings, if possible) and then determine how much baby is consuming after that. This may be hard for mum if she hasn't started storing up. You may want to suggest that she pump first thing in the morning, when her supply is highest. Sometimes mum can breastfeed on one side while pumping the other but really important that baby gets all she needs while breast feeding.

    It can be good to have either a good store of breast milk in the freezer, or formula on hand just in case baby needs it.

    I cared for many newborns while I was a day care provider and never needed formula until mom's milk supply dropped (which often happened when she couldn't pump enough at work to stimulate enough milk for baby).

    Hope baby adjusts easily. If baby is not used to taking a bottle, this can be a bit of a challenge.

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