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    Best Ways to Induce Birth

    What are the best natural ways to induce a pregnancy that has carried over term?

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    Here's another thread where this question is answered. Helping Labour to Start Naturally.

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    Hi dwright7799,

    When you say 'over term' are you talking about over 42 weeks of pregnancy? Full term is considered to be between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy and it is normal for a baby to be born at any point between these dates. Only 5% of babies are born on their due date and for some babies, and women, a normal length pregnancy is 41 or 42 weeks.

    The natural ways to induce labour will only really 'tip' a woman into labour if she is ready and needs that final extra little something to get things going. Some of these natural methods work by helping a woman to release the hormone Oxytocin. This is sometimes called the 'feel-good hormone' or the 'love hormone' and it is also the hormone which is released during labour. Ways to release this hormone include nipple stimulation and making love.

    Another natural way to induce labour is to stimulate the gut to help set off contractions. You can try eating a spicy curry to do this. In the past, women sometimes used to try drinking a concoction involving Castor Oil (again with the aim of stimulating the gut). However, this method is no longer recommended as it can cause diarrhoea which is not helpful during labour.

    The third category of natural labour inducing methods involve relaxing and visualising your cervix dilating and your baby starting to move down the birth canal. A doula once told me that sometimes women do not go into labour when they are so busy doing everything else (this is particularly true for mums who already have young children) that they do not give their body a chance to stop, slow down and relax. You can take a long, gentle walk, have a relaxing bath or put on some music and think about your baby's arrival.

    Please do post back here if you have any further questions.
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