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    what are effects of ligation

    What are the side effects of tubal ligation?

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    Dear whiterose,

    Thank you for your question. If you, or anyone you know, is thinking of having a tubal ligation then it is wise to think this through carefully. A woman's Fallopian tubes are either tied, cut or blocked in this procedure. This is a permanent sterilisation procedure. It is possible to have a tubal ligation reversal but this is an expensive procedure and (depending on the type of tubal ligation you had) does not mean your fertility will be guaranteed.

    In terms of the risks of having tubal ligation surgery, there is a risk of infection and wound separation. More serious, rarer risks include: heavy blood loss and organ injury.

    Does this answer your question? Please do ask any further questions you have about tubal ligation here.

    Best wishes,
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