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Thread: types of cosmetics in pregnancy

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    types of cosmetics in pregnancy

    What are the cosmetic products to be avoided during pregnancy?

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    Dear whiterose,

    It is best to avoid cosmetics which contain vitamin A when you are pregnant as too much vitamin A can harm your baby. Retinolds are a type of vitamin A; these make up many anti-aging creams.

    Another ingredient to avoid in cosmetics when you are pregnant is Salicylic acid. This can cause problems in pregnancy and it is actually part of the aspirin family. Salicylic acid is found in some toners and cleansers and also acne treatment creams.

    Note that suncreams are safe to use when you are pregnant.

    It is also best to avoid chemical hair dyes as some studies show these increase the risk of miscarriage.

    You are wise to consider what you are putting on your body as well as what you are putting into your body when you are pregnant. Some products (or, to be more specific, some ingredients in certain products) will cross the skin barrier and so could affect your unborn baby. It is best to avoid as many chemicals as possible and only use products when they are necessary and do not contain any of the ingredients discussed above.

    Does this answer your question?

    Warm wishes,

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