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Thread: Are slight period like pains normal?

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    Are slight period like pains normal?

    I've been experiencing what could be period pain or maybe just early pregnancy pain. I was wondering if this was normal? If I'm pregnant I'm assume my uterus is changing and things are different therefore I might be experiencing some pains? Or am I completely batty and just hormonal from an ever looming period?

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    Dear Wanting2beamummy,

    It's difficult to know with this type of pain that feels like period pain.

    When was your last period? Do you have regular menstrual cycles? Are you planning on doing a pregnancy test soon? Home pregnancy tests are extremely reliable. Having period like pain can be a sign that you are in pregnancy but obviously it could also be the start of your period.

    Other signs you may be pregnant (which are sometimes evident around the time your period is due) are: sickness, tiredness and sore/ sensitive nipples.

    Thinking of you,

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    If I am pregnant it's only within the first 3 weeks at most. I've had previous miscarriages which had all the early symptoms similar to this but also different. I'm tired, not feeling 100%, super hungry, feel nauseous sometimes, suffering a bit of insomnia and of course the pain. It's constant pain like I've got my period but I don't. It's constant pain not shooting or increasing like period pain does. Ive always had a super reliable 28 day cycle so if it's going to come, Monday will be the day. I'm hopeful but also doubtful, I realise my body could be building up to a super awful period which does happen occasionally only time will tell. Can I take Panadol or Nurofen for the pain?? I have a good pain threshold but I don't have patience for continuos pain.

    I've been taking Swiss Pregnancy + Ultivite for almost 3 weeks. I picked that brand because it was half price when I was looking.

    If my period doesn't come in the next 2 weeks I will do a home test for confirmation.

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    Hi Wanting2beamummy,

    You can take a home pregnancy test from the first day your period is due.

    You should see your doctor if you are having constant pain.

    In pregnancy, if you need to take a painkiller then paracetamol is recommended. It is best not to take pain killers that contain ibuprofen in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You should also avoid painkillers that contain caffeine as caffeine should be kept to a minimum in pregnancy (particularly the first trimester).

    I hope you have good news this month.

    Thinking of you,


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    My period was due yesterday so I think I'm now 4-5 weeks pregnant. Im nauseous at times, extremely tired at times, sore boobs, have to wee LOTS and a very full feeling uterus. I think I might be pregnant with twins!!! Yikes 2 for 1 deal. If it is we will be ecstatic. Happy with what ever we are given.

    My pain has eased and is only a niggle when I over stretch myself. It still occurs but now mostly on my lower right stomach.

    We will do a home test this weekend. Fingers crossed.

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    I'm glad your pain has eased. I'll be thinking of you and I really hope you have a positive pregnancy test this week.

    This early on the pregnancy symptoms are the same for women carrying one baby or multiples really.

    Warm wishes,

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    We took a pregnancy test approximately 3-4 days after my period was due. It came back not pregnant. I'd again been experiencing period like pains and other symptoms on and off. It's been a further 3 days and the symptoms keep fluctuations from feeling all sorts of symptoms to absolutely none. My period hasn't started so I'm off to the doctors tomorrow. I'm going to ask for a scan no matter what she says I now need to know what to do next. Feeling only 50% sure I could be pregnant time will tell.

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    Dear wanting2beamummy,

    I was sorry to read your post above. What did the doctor say, have you had a scan?

    Thinking of you,

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