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    What Causes Infertility?

    I haven't been pregnant since I am still single. I used to carry 2 pails of water back and forth from our well to the washing machine when I'm washing my clothes, or sometimes I carry heavy things. Will it really affect my fertility or my future pregnancy??

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    Hi Cheska,

    Normal, every day activities, like carrying heavy pails of water will not affect a woman's fertility. Of course carrying heavy things later in pregnancy should be avoided or done with a great deal of caution, but before pregnancy there is no concern. The reproductive organs are well protected, and even during the first few weeks of pregnancy, bub will be tucked down low, and protected behind your pubic bone.

    One of the best ways to help you determine whether you are fertile or not is to learn to watch your body's personal signs of fertility. If you aren't using any hormonal birth control right now (like the pill) then you will be able to see how balanced your hormones are by simply observing some simple signs throughout your cycle.

    If you can learn when your body is fertile and when it is not, then it will make it easier for you to conceive once you are ready.

    I used natural family planning for 7 years to avoid pregnancy, and then when my husband was finally ready to try for a baby, I just reversed what I was doing. Instead of avoiding sex during the time when I was fertile, we engaged in sex during that time, and I conceived the first month we tried.

    Natural family planning is just as effective as using the pill when done properly (as was the case with my husband and I), offering 99% effectiveness in postponing pregnancy. The best thing is that it is natural and you avoid the risks of cancer and other side effects of using hormonal birth control.

    I hope this helps to put your mind at ease, and that you'll gain confidence in knowing when you are fertile each month, and when you aren't. Please post back with any questions. We can help guide you in this.

    Warm Regards,


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    Hi Kate!

    It bothers me whenever my sister tells me that fetching pails of water will affect my fertility. I have a healthy body and a regular menstruation as well. I am not also taking pills since I don't need it, I hope I'll have a healthy baby in my future pregnancy. Thank you for your informational answer, I really appreciate it, it helped me a lot. God bless!

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    Hi Cheska,

    I would encourage you to start watching your fertility signs just for your own information. If you do this, you will even know how to tell when you're period is going to start It is fascinating how God made the body so that it can tell you exactly where you are in your monthly cycles and if you are fertile or not.

    You mention that your sister tells you that fetching pails of water will affect your fertility. Has she ever struggled with getting pregnant herself, or does she know someone that has? Sometimes, if someone is having a hard time getting pregnant, they will be overly cautious about many things, and though they will avoid things that could hinder fertility, they may also avoid things that have no effect.

    I once read that eating green peas can make someone infertile. Though this may be true if you eat too many of them, the average woman won't eat enough peas each week to cause infertility. So eating peas can actually be healthy if you are trying to conceive, if you have normal portions and don't eat them all day long

    Warm Regards,


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