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Thread: Lost Records

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    Angry Lost Records

    My Dr.'s office lost my child shot records. Will she have to have everyone all over again?

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    Dear Diane,

    I'm sorry to read this. How annoying and frustrating.

    Here is a link to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention page about Children's Vaccination Records.

    It depends what country you are in (and even which part of that country) as to the best way to go about this. The majority of Doctors Offices are required to store children's vaccination details at a centralised computer service. Have you checked this with them?

    How old is your daughter? Many schools also keep vaccination records. In fact, in some countries they are required by law to do so for a certain number of years after the child has left the school.

    Do you know if you took her for all the offered vaccinations? Or did you miss/ choose to not have some?

    If all other routes fail, your daughter could have blood tests to check her immunity to certain diseases. However, it could still be the case that you and your doctor feel it best that she is re-vaccinated against certain diseases if the blood test results are inconclusive. This decision also depends on the likelihood of your daughter contracting the disease in the area you live.

    I hope your daughter's vaccination records are located soon.

    Warm wishes,

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