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Thread: Benefits And Risks of C-Section Delivery

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    Benefits And Risks of C-Section Delivery

    Having a C-Section is major surgery but I fully understand that it's needed at times and can truly save lives. However I've also witnessed the C-Section rate go up dramatically over the last 3 decades and when I look at the typical midwife's C-Section rate being 3.5% as compared to the typical doctor's C-Section rate being nearly 10 times that amount, at over 30%, I can't help but wonder if more and more doctors are opting to do a C-Section simply because it's more convenient (i.e. they want baby to come on their shift instead of waiting over their shift or transferring care to another "on call" doctor) or they feel there's less of a chance of liability, or simply that they can make more money if they perform surgery.

    What are the benefits and risks for women who have a C-Section?
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    There are many risks. The risk of morbidity is much higher due to the greater possibility of infection, etc. The recovery period is longer. Breastfeeding and bonding can be effected in some instances.

    When truly necessary, c-sections can save lives. I suppose that would be the benefit. They are grossly overused however.

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