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    Can irregular menstruation affect fertility?


    I'm having an irregular period after I gave birth to my second child. 3-4 months late from my last period. But when I take pills my menstruation period become irregular. What causes irregular menstruation and will this affect my fertility? Am I fertile during the months that I am delayed?

    Thank you.

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    Hi Leslie,

    There are a variety of things that can cause irregular periods. Are you still breastfeeding your 2 year old? When was the last time you took birth control pills (from what you posted above, I think you meant that when you take the birth control pill, your periods become regular). Is that what you meant?

    You asked if you are fertile during the months when you are not menstruating. This depends upon whether you are ovulating or not. I can give you more insight on this once you answer back to my questions above. The good news is that you can know if you are fertile or not, and you can learn what to do to keep yourself fertile so that you can be your healthiest (allowing the body to cycle naturally).

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks for the reply.

    I'm no longer breasfeeding my 2 year old. Yes, when I take birth control pills, my periods become regular. 3-4 months delayed is not normal, right? But I'm not pregnant. Thank you Kate.

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    Hi Leslie,

    One of the biggest causes of irregular cycles is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). That's the first thing I would explore would be whether this is the cause of the irregular cycles or not. A few answers to the following questions will help us determine this.

    1. Are you overweight, and if so, do you carry your extra weight in your tummy area?

    2. Do you have any acne on your face or your back?

    3. Do you have any irregular hair growth on your upper lip, chin, back, stomach, thumbs or toes?

    4. Do you have any hair thinning on your head?

    5. Have you experienced any depression?

    Were you having regular periods when you conceived your two children, or did you take medication/hormones to help you get pregnant?


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    Hi Kate,

    I'm not that overweight, but I gained weight. And yes, I carry my extra weight in my tummy area.
    I don't have any acne but I have hair growth in my thumbs and toes.

    I did not take any medication to get pregnant, but my period was regular before I get pregnant with my second child.

    Thank you.

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    It sounds like you are experiencing hormonal imbalance and what I would do to begin with, would be to eat a fertility diet.

    This means you will want to avoid all sugar, and eat only a little fruit. You will want to eat a lot of fresh vegetables, being sure to get 1 to 2 heads of deep leafy greens into your body each day. One way to start getting those leafy greens in is to eat a rainbow salad once a day, and then work up to having a rainbow salad twice a day.

    If you have a juicer, you can juice your greens but many people don't have this.

    You will want to avoid anything that causes inflammation in the body. This includes sugar, coffee, any products with white flour (including biscuits, cookies, crackers, cakes, pasta, etc.) and dairy products.

    Be sure you're getting enough sun exposure on your skin to keep your Vitamin D levels up.

    You may want to start taking Cod Liver Oil and a tablespoon of Olive Oil daily to help with hormonal balance.

    Eating high quality protein is important, but make sure the bulk of what you eat are vegetables. Organic chicken, beef, lamb and fish that are low in mercury are good sources of protein. Eggs, nuts and seeds are healthful as well.

    Grains with gluten can also cause inflammation, so choose gluten free choices like brown rice and organic corn. Grains need to be at a minimum in your diet which can be hard, considering most people eat a lot of grains each day.

    I would start with these dietary changes, along with being sure you're getting adequate exercise and rest each day, and see if you start to see your cycles balance out. Your body has changed after having two babies and most likely needs to be nourished more now. Babies will take what they need from the mother during fetal development, often times leaving mum lacking in critical nutrients.

    Warm Regards,


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    In determining whether you are fertile or not (whether you can conceive or not), you may want to take a look at a thread on this site called "Signs of Fertility". It will give you some helpful information. Please feel free to post any questions you may have after reading that thread.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks Kate. I'll try your suggestions. I really eat a lot after my second pregnancy. Hopefully wouldn.t be hard for me to adjust. thanks again.

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