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    What do you think about massage during pregnancy?

    When I was expecting my first baby, I had a friend who was a Massage Therapist. She suggested that I have a massage because it was really good for me during pregnancy.

    So I decided to take her up on her offer, and I'm sure glad I did! In fact I had one massage each month throughout my entire pregnancy and I even asked her to be at my birth.

    I went into active labour in the middle of the night, and I didn't want to disturb her, so my husband called her at about 7AM. At that point she needed to reschedule some massage appointments so that she could come to the birth.

    By the time she arrived, I was pushing, so there really wasn't any time for her to give me any massages to help me relax.

    However, once I was settled in bed, she proceeded to give me a foot massage. That felt soooo good, but really, I missed not having her there with me when I needed the loving, relaxing, pain relieving touch of massage the most (during active labour and transition).

    Here's a video that shows you the wonderful, relaxing benefits of labour massage, and the more relaxed mum can be, the easier the birth. Massage during labour... it's a very good thing!

    Did you have a massage during pregnancy or do you wish you had? Here's a page where you can search for a Massage Therapist in your area.
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    I really wish I would have had a pregnancy massage (or two) ! I did go and have two pedicures while pregnant which were heavenly but I really think have regular pregnancy massages would have helped with some of the pain and discomfort I felt. I was also being monitored for preterm labour so I'm not sure whether it is even recommended for high risk pregnancies. Anyone know?

    Did you have pregnancy massages with all of your children Kate? If not, did you notice a difference in your overall comfort level especially in the later stages of pregnancy?

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    I only had pregnancy massages with my first pregnancy because I was working during that pregnancy and we could afford it. I stopped working when my first baby was born which made money much tighter. I suppose that by the time my last two babies came along, I didn't think much about massage.

    I did, however, go to the Chiropractor during my last two pregnancies and that greatly helped with those births. You can read more about how Chiropractic care can help you have an easier birth here.



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    DoubleSunshine- Not sure about the use of massage when preterm labour is a threat, but I have a feeling that it would be fine. Since the massage should lower stress levels, it could even be beneficial in preventing preterm labor.

    As for labour massage making birth easier, I think that it helped me. I always provide doula clients with massage and they love it! I have considered taking some professional training to accentuate my doula training.

    Also, if someone does want a massage and they are low on money, most of the massage therapy schools do them for a much lower price. Always something to look into

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    Regarding massage when preterm labour is a threat - you would want to be sure that the person giving massage knows reflexology and could avoid stimulating pressure points that can start uterine contractions.

    I started labour with my 4th baby by using acupressure and one area that starts uterine contractions is on the ankles. So it's important that whoever is doing your massage is very educated in knowing how to properly use and avoid acupuncture points.


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    You are indeed correct Kate. Was not really thinking about the reflexology concern. Thank you for pointing that out.

    I have heard of mums visiting professionals for an "induction massage" so it makes sense that you would want someone who knows what spots to avoid.

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    Massage is good during pregnancy but it really depends with your condition. But like DoubleSunshine who's being monitored for preterm labor, I believe massage isn't advised for her. Massage could trigger preterm labor. As for other pregnant moms who are not at risk, then you can go for massage. It helps in the body's circulation especially the maternal-fetal circulation. It promotes proper distribution of oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the baby.

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