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Thread: What do you think about massage during pregnancy?

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    What do you think about massage during pregnancy?

    When I was expecting my first baby, I had a friend who was a Massage Therapist. She suggested that I have a massage because it was really good for me during pregnancy.

    So I decided to take her up on her offer, and I'm sure glad I did! In fact I had one massage each month throughout my entire pregnancy and I even asked her to be at my birth.

    I went into active labour in the middle of the night, and I didn't want to disturb her, so my husband called her at about 7AM. At that point she needed to reschedule some massage appointments so that she could come to the birth.

    By the time she arrived, I was pushing, so there really wasn't any time for her to give me any massages to help me relax.

    However, once I was settled in bed, she proceeded to give me a foot massage. That felt soooo good, but really, I missed not having her there with me when I needed the loving, relaxing, pain relieving touch of massage the most (during active labour and transition).

    Here's a video that shows you the wonderful, relaxing benefits of labour massage, and the more relaxed mum can be, the easier the birth. Massage during labour... it's a very good thing!

    Did you have a massage during pregnancy or do you wish you had? Here's a page where you can search for a Massage Therapist in your area.
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