Hi lovely ladies.

Iím a mother of an 11-month-old and Iíve just launched my new business Ė Moon Mama. Iíve actually invented the first ever All-In-One Diaper Bag, Feeding Pillow & Play Mat. Go to the Kickstarter website and search for 'Moon Mama'. That's us!

Itís perfect for mothers on the go as you just secure the bag strap around your waist and unzip the front pocket to use the pillow to feed baby. And you can also remove the pillow to use during tummy time on the mat!

Itís going to retail at $89.95 AU so just over $80 US, bargain!

Itís available now for pre-purchase by making a pledge on Kickstarter. Either way the business is going ahead, but by pre-purchasing on Kickstarter you are helping me raise the funds I need to place the first order. This takes the pressure off!

Iíve allowed until June/July 2014 to have it delivered but it should be earlier. Itís best to order for mothers-to-be expecting after June 2014 just so you can have it in time for baby.

Thanks for any support you can give. Please spread the word. You can also find us at Facebook - moonmamahq