As a mum of two, I find it difficult to balance school and work with parenting. My children have always enjoyed the social benefits of school and daycare. However, recently my youngest, a four-year old boy, has started throwing fits on school mornings. He screams and yells about not wanting to go to school and that everyone there is mean to him. I personally spoke to the daycare owner and my child's teacher trying to find out if he has been having problems with the other children. I have been told that there has been no issues with the other children, but he has become more upset and difficult at school. My son is supposed to start kindergarten in just under a year, and I am concerned because his hate of school has increased and continues to do so. Is there anything I can do to help him transition from home to school a bit more happily each day? And is there anything I can do to help adjust this behavior before it carries on into kindergarten?

Thanks - Minion Mommie