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Thread: Activities and Games for 2 Year Old

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    Activities and Games for 2 Year Old

    I am not sure that this is the right toppic for my question, but i post here. My bub is also 2, and she is full of energy . My question is if you can suggest me some kind of games, toys (beside the classical ones), which are popular nowadays. She needs every day something new and challenging, and sometimes I sit there and don't know how to make our day more interesting.

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    Dear Jasmin,

    I have moved your post to this section of the forum. I hope that is ok.

    You sound like a wonderful mum. You are right; a two year old does need to learn something new every day. This needn't mean that you are spending lots of money on attractions or new toys. Here are some ideas of how you can have awesome play-filled days full of new challenges and delight with your two year old.

    - Have a look at the homemade creative and craft ideas on the imagination tree. This includes activities such as: 25 creative ways to use a cardboard box, make your own maths investigation area and paint with textures (such as grain rice or sand mixed into paint).

    - Get messy! Fill a large plastic tray or the bath with cold cooked noodles died with food dye. Mix in glitter, stars or other decorations. Throw in some plastic dinosaurs or similar and enjoy.

    - Get painting: cut shapes into vegetables and print the shapes, finger paint, hand and foot paint, paint with textures, paint on clay or glass....

    - Explore the outdoors. Go on nature walks. Collect leaves. Do rubbings of the barks on trees using crayons. Spot birds and insects.

    - Play counting games. Most children become more confident with counting between age 2 and 3.

    - Go to playgroups which fit in with your style of parenting. Have play-dates with friends. Throw teddy bear picnics.

    - Cook together.

    - Visit local museums, pet shops and small farms.

    In terms of specific toys, at age two children are starting to role play more and more. This means that everyday household objects can provide them with hours of fun. Make a little play kitchen area (you can use an old cupboard and wooden/plastic cups and bowls etc from your kitchen), make a play shop. Provide your child with fun games outside to encourage her to be as active as possible.

    Best wishes,

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    Thank you very much. These are the best ideas I ever heard

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    You are really welcome jasmin.andrews

    Let us know how you get on and we can give you extra ideas if you need them.


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    Thank you. I tried cooking together. It goes slower but it's funny

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    That sounds cute!

    Here are some fun kids recipes you may like trying together.


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    Here are some other activities were the kids can enjoy have fun paper bag puppet, indoor basketball, make a foil crown, cardboard box car, balloon bop, pillow jump, coloring images, painting with water. super cheap. Dollar store pain brush, container with water....Lengthy minutes of fun painting the sidewalk, the steps, the fence, etc. I make my kids engage in coloring pages as this is one of the best activity for kids. I download the images from this site on regular basis. I have downloaded the number coloring pages for my DS.

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