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    Like to have triplets

    I'm currently single but I love kids so I want to start a family in the future. I'm currently into watching variety shows. There is this Korean variety show about dads taking care of their kids while mums take a rest. One father has adorable triplets. I love watching them so much that I wish to have triplets in the future. Are there ways to get pregnant with triplets or twins?
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    Aw you are going to make a lovely mummy!

    There's not much you can do to sway the odds of twins or (even more unlikely) triplets I'm afraid. Triplets by natural conception are very rare.

    Twins are more likely if there is a maternal family history of twins. They are also more common in couples undergoing certain types of fertility treatment. Twins are also more common in mothers over 35 years of age (although a woman's fertility does start to significantly drop from age 35).

    With warm wishes,

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    Red face

    Thank you . It's too bad there are no established ways. I guess I just have to pray lots and wait for a miracle for it to happen. Every child is a blessing so whatever happens, I'll still be thankful if I'll be blessed with one.

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