Your baby is born. Brand new to this world. Within a few months or even weeks the questions start. Are they sleeping well at night yet? Are they meeting the current developmmental they seem that they will want to start rolling soon?

Fast forward a few months and your little one is starting to grab for things in the exciting world they see around them. But are they nearing their 6 months milestones? Have you starting thinking about weaning? Are they sleeping in their own room?

Your child is a happy active toddler, just turned two. How many words exactly do they know? Have they started pre-school?....Are they preparing for school?


Why can't we let our children just be? Why can't we enjoy them and cherish these moments without looking to the next 'target' or 'milestone'. Yes, it is important that we keep a check on our children's development, but surely this can be done with a holistic, family-centred approach. We can have knowledge about what is 'normal' whilst acknowledging the wide range of 'normal' and in the meantime simply enjoying our children.

Children grow up so quick. I know its a cliche, but it's true. I don't want to miss the here-and-now moments of my sons' childhood because I am looking ahead to their next milestone.

What about you?