My name is Nikki and I am current undertaking my second year of a Nursing and Midwifery dual degree at the University of Queensland, St Lucia.

It is part of our degree that we are required to follow through the pregnancies of twenty mothers. This allows us to experience the journey through pregnancy firsthand and provide support, friendship and our expanding knowledge to the mothers that we follow. This process is known as 'Continuity of Care' and it is an exceptional way for us to expand our knowledge and experience in order to ensure we become the best of our ability.

My role throughout your pregnancy would simply be to attend your antenatal appointments, be present at the birth of your child, as well as visit you postnatally. However, my role would not be limited to these visits, as I would be more than happy to catchup at any stage during or after your pregnancy.

I understand that pregnancy is an incredibly important time in a persons life and it would be an honour to be given the opportunity to share this experience and provide care and support to mothers to be.

If any of this interests you, please contact me viareply to this message and i will get in contact with you.
I would like to thankyou for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a magical journey.

Kind Regards,