Having had two midwives during my 5 homebirths, I learned some great things from both of them.

With my 4th baby, I had a new midwife (midwife #2) and towards the end of my pregnancy, my baby was posterior. Having had two previous births with posterior babies (which equals back labour), I knew that I didn't want to experience that again.

So my midwife sent me home with a kneeler rocker chair which I used to help baby move into a better position. I rocked on that special chair often (you rock on your knees, not sitting back in the chair) and yet she persisted with the posterior position. So my midwife suggested that I see a Chiropractor she knew who was very good at turning babies.

I had a number of adjustments with that Chiropractor, and when I went into labour, baby was in the proper position which made for faster dilation, a faster birth (compared to the three before) and no back labour.

With my 5th baby, I decided to be proactive from about the 5th month on, when I was putting on weight. I went regularly for adjustments which was very helpful for a 40 year old mom. Baby was in good position at the end and labour and delivery were the fastest of all 5 births.

I know many women complain of back pain during pregnancy and though I never had this, I do know that keeping the skeletal system in alignment can definitely help to ease pregnancy aches and pains.

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