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Thread: Am I pregnant

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    Am I pregnant

    Hello I need some help, I had a very light period lasted two days around when my period was due, since then I have done one pregnancy test came back negative but I am starting to feeling sick most mornings and very tired is it possible I could be pregnant but tested too early, please help

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    Dear Mel,

    Welcome to the forum.

    It is possible that what you experienced was implantation bleeding and not your period. How long does your period normally last? Do you have a regular monthly cycle? I have put together some information here on implantation bleeding.

    I would recommend you re-test around a week after you took the previous pregnancy test. If you are pregnant (which we cannot say at this stage I am afraid) then it may be that the levels of hCG (the pregnancy hormone) were not high enough in your urine to test as positive. The hCG levels double approximately every 2 days in the first trimester.

    However, there are other medical causes for feeling sick and tired. Therefore, if the next pregnancy test comes back as negative then I would recommend you make an appointment with your doctor. They can also do a blood pregnancy test to check your hCG levels.

    Please do post back and let us know how you get on,
    Best wishes,

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