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Thread: Normal Vaginal Birth, Caesarean or Water Birth?

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    Normal Vaginal Birth, Caesarean or Water Birth?

    I haven't been pregnant yet. I just need an advice from those who already experienced giving birth. Which among the normal vaginal birth, caesarean and water birth is least painful? What are their differences and effects during or after the delivery?

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    Dear Cheska,

    Thanks for your question. You may like to have a look at the resources on birth choices here.

    What I think is important to keep in mind is that birth is a normal process and for the majority of women a natural birth is possible. A natural birth is best for the baby and mum's health in most cases. A natural vaginal birth can either be in water or out of water. The water acts as a natural pain reliever and many women find the warmness of a birthing pool helps them to relax which in turn means labour is more likely to be quicker and easier.

    A vaginal birth is also best in terms of your future fertility.

    During a c-section you would not feel any pain but remember that this is a major operation. Having a c-section compared to a natural birth increases the risk of: infection (in the wound, your uterus or as a UTI), adhesions (this is scar tissue that can make organs stick together), blood clots and nerve damage (although the later is rare).

    Unfortunately it is more difficult to pick up your baby after a c-section, indeed, recovery from the birth takes significantly longer (on average) from a c-section compared to a vaginal birth. Women also tend to need more help and support to establish breastfeeding after a c-section compared to a vaginal birth.

    Of course, there are many cases where a c-section is necessary for both mother and baby. Therefore, in certain circumstances (such as if you have placenta previa or are carrying triplets for example) a c-section is the safest option.

    However, if you have a normal low-risk pregnancy (as most women do) then a vaginal birth is the safest option.

    Please do ask any further questions you have on this subject here.

    Best wishes,

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