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    Bub-mum club

    Hello everybody.
    I am the founder of the local bub-mum club, which means that children under 3 and their mother come every week to our location (a not too big room) where we, the mothers, talk about children's things, and the children are playing. It's a non profit organization, but from a while I'm thinking about a membership fee. It would be a symbolic amount, but we would buy toys for the club.( I forgot to mention that the toys are from the local church's donations and my daughter's not in use toys) This week I would like to ask you some questions to improve the club.
    The first question is about the membership fee. I want to give to the mums a card or booklet, and there to put a star or anything else when the monthly fee is payed.What kind of membership card or booklet should I give them? I have never seen such a card or booklet before.

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    Dear Jasmin,

    This sounds like a great club that you run for parents and children. This sort of club is a fantastic way for children to have fun learning and socialising through play and also for parents to get support and make friends themselves. What a super resource you are running for your local community.

    A number of playgroups I go to with my children charge a small weekly fee (which pays for toys, snacks and the facility etc). Most of these have a sign up sheet when you go in so you write: your name, your children's names and tick to say you have put the donation in the box. A few playgroups I know of just ask for a voluntary donation (rather than a set amount). Alternatively, you could ask members to pay for a yearly membership to the club and give them a new card each year (a different colour each year) that they show when they come to indicate they have paid and are a member. The other option is to create your own small booklets where you put a star after each, say, monthly amount is paid although perhaps this is the most time-consuming.

    You could always consider hiring out the toys for a small fee to make extra money for your bub-mum club.

    It does sound like a lovely group. I wish you all the best with it.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you for the ideas. The toy hiring sounds really good.

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    Another thought I had was to run it alongside a 'sling library' if you or other members are interested in babywearing. Even if you just start out with a few ergonomic slings you could hire them out for a small cost per month and soon make back the cost of the sling and then profit for your group.


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    Very good ideas

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    I was thinking about a small kind of trip. Mothers with children. For example, we would go together to a picnic to the woods, or anywhere else outside. Is this a good idea? Or it's too soon for these children? What other trip would you recommend?

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    I think it would be great to organise trips and other activities. It really depends on the age of the children. A 'teddy bears picnic' would be fun as would: exploring the woods, visiting a farm, wildlife spotting, making food together, doing tree really depends on the ages of the children who are likely to come.

    I hope you all have great fun!


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