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    Is my child ready to have chores?

    How to tell if the child is ready to have house chores? She's five years old now and I wonder if she can already handle simple chores? What's the proper way to get her ready for her first chore?

    Thank you

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    My daughter is two, and I have a similar question. We never asked here to help us, but she regulary helps with the sweep, unfolding clothes, etc. Is this normal to let her help me? It's not too soon?

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    My 5yo does the following:

    -unpacks and puts away half the stuff in the dishwasher
    -puts her own dirty bowls/plates etc in the dishwasher
    -puts her clean clothes away
    -helps me hang up socks and undies
    -sometimes sweeps the floor
    -helps her 8yo brother take out the garbage
    -makes her own lunch in the mornings for school
    -cleans up her toys every night before shower (along with her brother)
    -does other general jobs that I ask her to around the house

    As soon as they are able to understand you they're ready to help with little things, like putting toys back in a box when they're done with them. As far as I'm concerned, they are members of the household, and it's just as much their job to help keep the house clean and tidy as it is mine. As soon as they're able to help, they should be, even if at first it creates more work for you (ie, a 2 year old isn't going to do a perfect job sweeping the floor, you'll have to sweep it as well, but they'll learn and get better at it the more they try!)

    So in my opinion Leslie, a 5yo is more than capable of doing jobs around the house, and Jasmin, I'd encourage her to help whenever she's wanting to!

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    Thank you Asrathiel.

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