Hello everybody.
I am the founder of the local bub-mum club, which means that children under 3 and their mother come every week to our location (a not too big room) where we, the mothers, talk about children's things, and the children are playing. It's a non profit organization, but from a while I'm thinking about a membership fee. It would be a symbolic amount, but we would buy toys for the club.( I forgot to mention that the toys are from the local church's donations and my daughter's not in use toys) This week I would like to ask you some questions to improve the club.
The first question is about the membership fee. I want to give to the mums a card or booklet, and there to put a star or anything else when the monthly fee is payed.What kind of membership card or booklet should I give them? I have never seen such a card or booklet before.