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    bleeding but bub is ok

    early in in my pregnancy I began to bleed a lot and this frightened me, but after checking with the doctor everything appeared fine. Why does this bleeding accure and what triggers it?

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    Dear lisax04,

    Bleeding in pregnancy should always be reported to your doctor or midwife as it is not consider a 'normal' part of pregnancy. However, saying that, around a quarter of pregnant women will bleed at some point in their pregnancy and most of these women will go on to have a healthy baby. Sometimes the bleeding is caused by a blood clot being pushed out of the womb or some older blood leaving the uterus. However, it can be a sign of a miscarriage which is why it always needs to be checked out.

    I'm so happy that your baby was fine. It is worrying when it happens but its best to try to stay calm and contact your doctor.

    Best wishes,

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