I have found out the 31st that I am pregnant and according to my LMC I am 6 weeks pregnant well I have been spotting barely here and there a few days since I found out well yesterday morning (1-6) I had horribly pains and then started bleeding bright red so I went to the dr. I bled from about 9 am til 3 pm and there was a lot but finally the pain quit just bleeding. I had blood taken and ultra sound at first when he was zoomed we saw nothing in there just the gest. sack and nothing else but he zoomed out a little and at the very edge you can see a little flicker and then you could see a little dot with a heart beating made me feel a little better but why would we not be able to see it zoomed in? do you think he was trying not to scare me or something? my cervix was not dilated so I didn't have MC thank the good lord for that. this morning I had bled a little but not much at all and it was darker red not bright red. the dr told me all I can do is ride it out and that was it I have no idea what is going on.

-thanks mistie