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    Five-year old sleeps late

    My five-year old sleeps late at night. For almost a week now, she sleeps past 11PM. She's very active during the day with lots of physical activities but she still sleeps late. She's just playing on her own while laying on her bed. Any idea on how to deal with this? Please help.

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    Dear Leslie,

    I have a few questions for you to help me to answer this fully and a few suggestions too.

    Does your daughter have a bedtime routine? Is it only the last week that she has been going to sleep so late? What time does she actually get into bed?

    A bedtime routine is still very important at this age. Five year old need to have around 10-12 hours of sleep each day. Therefore, if she is getting up at around 7am, say, then she needs to be falling asleep around 7pm or slightly later. Around 1 hour before her bedtime remind your daughter that it will be time to go to bed soon and encourage her to do some quiet, relaxing activities such as reading a bedtime story together or running her a bubble bath.

    Once in bed, allow her to have a couple of books to read or some music to listen to but after this encourage her to settle down and close her eyes and think happy thoughts.

    Make sure her room is the right temperature for her and it's important for it to be dark enough (a blackout blind can be really helpful).

    Your daughter should not watch any videos/ play any electronic games etc in the 2 hours leading up to bedtime as then she is likely to be over-stimulated and unable to sleep. Indeed, it is important that she keeps these activities to a minimum throughout the day in order to sleep well at night-time.

    Another factor which affects how well children sleep at night is their diet. In particular, keep sugary and processed foods to a minimum. What is her diet like? Does she tend to eat well?

    Has your daughter recently started school? How does she feel about this? Any worries or concerns about adjusting to school could keep her awake at night.

    I hope some of these suggestions help your daughter to have a good nights sleep.

    Warm wishes,

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    Yes, it's almost a week now that she is acting this way. She's in school and she is very active in the morning with lots of physical activities. I let her bring sandwich, apple juice, and some biscuits for snacks. I put them to sleep around 7-8PM and I always check on them. She is also sleeping with me and her younger sister in the same bedroom. I normally let her lie down and close her eyes until she get to sleep. But these past few days, around 10-11PM, I can still hear her playing on her own. She also wake up late in the morning.
    I know this is not normal and I'm worried. I may need to try your suggestions and hopefully she will get to her normal bedtime routine.

    Thank you.

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    Dear Leslie,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Did anything seem to preempt your daughter starting to do to sleep later? Does she seem well and happy in the day? Is she eating well? She must be very tired at school.

    I hope you get this sorted quickly.
    Warm wishes,

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    She is happy and well in the day. She is very active. But she is a picky eater and only eats less if she don't like the food. What I did last night is - after I put my younger daughter to sleep, I laid down with my 5 year in her bed to make sure she will go to sleep and won't do anything to keep her awake. I hope this will get her back to her normal bedtime routine without me sleeping with her on her bed. Thanks, LJ.

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    I'm glad to hear that last night went better for your daughter and you.

    I hope she is able to get back into her normal routine now.

    Warm wishes,

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