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Thread: My child and my friends

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    My child and my friends

    There is an interesting thing happening in my family. When we are alone (I mean my daughter, housband and me) we have lot of problems with the little girl. Most of time she can't stay 5 minutes alone, but when my parents or friends come to us she is a nice, and good little girl, who can play alone or just sitting there wit us. Why is that?I don't understand

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    Dear Jasmin,

    This sounds very normal to me

    When there are more people around there is often more going on to interest a young child; more stimulation and more attention. Therefore, a child is more likely to be content and entertained playing in this situation (even if playing on their own) than when it is just mum and dad.

    It is great that your daughter wants to have your attention when you are alone with her and she wants you to be involved in her games and playing. I would encourage you to play with her and read with her as much as possible. A child's invitation to play is a very special invitation and one through which they are learning and shaping their world. Of course, there are times that we must do other jobs or have other conversations. However, I don't want to miss out on the here-and-now opportunities to play and build relationships with my children even if this means leaving the mess/ household jobs until later.

    Your daughter sounds like a lovely little girl

    Best wishes,

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