I'm new to this forum, and need your advice on something. We are currently trying to concieve. I haven't had a period for 10 weeks. Not normal for me. I have been cramping and having twinges and sore bbs for the past 7 weeks, in addition to sickness (threw up a few times) frequent urination and headaches. Been testing once a week the past three weeks. One faint positive home pregnancy test, and two negative. Could I be pregnant and testing to late, expiriencing the hook effect? Or is a pregnancy ruled out at this point? I can also feel a ridge above my pelvic bone when I lay flat with a full bladder, but I'm not sure if this is my bladder or a growing uterus. Could it be a hormone imbalance causing this? No history of irregular periods, hormonal birth controll or fertility issues.
Any addvice would be very welcome!