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    Did you find breastfeeding easier to establish with later babies?

    I know many mums who, like me, struggled at first with breastfeeding. If you are currently finding it difficult I cannot encourage you enough to get some professional breastfeeding support. For those of you who have breastfed more than one baby I am curious: did you find it easier with the later baby? I guess it would be easier in terms of what to expect and how to prepare yourself better but was the breastfeeding itself established any quicker or with more comfort? Thanks in advance for your comments!

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    I definitely think breastfeeding was easier with each baby. I was definitely more prepared in terms of expectations. Those first few months are so hard. By the time I had my fourth baby I knew exactly what sort of support I needed and was able to ask for it.

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    That's good to know mom2many

    Yes - sometimes the hardest thing is knowing what support it is you need. If anyone reading this is struggling with breastfeeding please don't suffer on your own - post any questions in this forum or get some local professional support.

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