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Thread: snacks for a 2 year old

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    snacks for a 2 year old

    My 2 year old girl started a new habit after christmas. She asks me for chocolate every morning. I don't really want to give her, but sometimes I have to. How can I make her to eat less chocolate? She loved the fruits before christmas, now she wants only sweets, no fruit
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    Dear Jasmin,

    This does really sound like a habit that your daughter has got into. I would stop giving her any chocolate in the morning (as this won't be good for her blood sugar levels or teeth). Instead, plan in advance to have some special healthy snacks ready for her. Try to choose snacks she may particularly like or that you can make into interesting shapes. You could try:

    - pitted dates
    - fruit faces (e.g. banana eyes, grape nose and orange mouth!)
    - bowl of yoghurt with raisins scattered in it
    - wholemeal toast with almond butter on top

    You could also try dried fruit if she wants something sweet. Try putting them in little cake cases to make them more appealing. Presentation matters to toddlers!

    Is it as soon as she wakes up that she is asking for the chocolate or throughout the morning? I am wondering if she feels very hungry straight away and thinks of chocolate as a quick way to fill up? If so, it may help for her to eat a substantial snack around 1 hr before she goes to bed e.g. porridge or another slow-energy releasing food.

    I hope this helps.

    Warm wishes,

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    Thank you. everything depends on presentation

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    Yes kids have an eye for presentation!

    I came across some great plates recently that had a blank face printed onto them and them you could 'decorate' the face with different food items to make different faces. I thought that this would work well with toddlers.

    Smoothies are another simply, nutritious snack and most kids really enjoy them. You can get your little one to help you choose the ingredients for the smoothie and create one together to help her to feel more involved in her snacks.

    I hope this helps - let me know how you get on.

    Best wishes,

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    I have a question about the fruits. When my bub was about 7 months old, my husband gave her just one tablespoon of strawberry yoghurt. That night we didn't sleep, and a doctor had to come to us. She was allergic to the berries. The doc told me not to give her any berries. Now she is 2, I wonder if I can give her strawberry, or jam, or anything that contains berries?

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    Dear Jasmin,

    I'm sorry to hear that, that must have been very worrying for you.

    Please could I ask how your daughter reacted to the strawberry yoghurt?

    Here is some information on Food Allergy and Intolerance which I hope you will find helpful. It would be best for you to discuss with your doctor what he/she advises before giving your daughter any berries. This is because allergic reactions can vary widely in nature and severity from child to child and your doctor is best-placed (knowing your daughter's medical history) to do this. Therefore, I would wait until you have spoken to your daughter's doctor before introducing any berries to her diet.

    Your doctor may arrange for your daughter to have allergy testing.

    There is also a wealth of resources at the kids with food allergies website.

    Best wishes,

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