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    Heat and early pregnancy

    Just had a question in regards to overheating during the first trimester (I am 7 weeks pregnant).
    This evening I was leaning over the bench in the kitchen over the dishwasher (with my lower tummy pressed up against it) whilst it was on the dry cycle (gets quite hot). It would have been for a good 10-15 minutes leaning against it, chatting to hubby, before I realised my tummy was getting very hot, at which time I moved away.
    My question is, could this cause any damage to the fetus (in terms of overheating) as would a sauna/hot spa etc?
    Could just be paranoid, but I am freaking out a little....
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    Hi Mummy,

    Thank you for your question.

    In terms of the advice to avoid saunas and hot tubs in pregnancy, it is the overall body temperature rising which can be a problem in pregnancy. When you are in a sauna surrounded by hot air or immersed in a hot tub your body cannot cool itself quickly enough in pregnancy because there is none/ not enough of your body away from the heat source.

    However, with the situation you described your overall body temperature should still be able to be cool enough and there was no water surrounding you (which can prevent cooling by sweating). Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the activity you described caused any harm. Although it would be best to avoid this in the future just to be extra-cautious.

    I know it can be difficult not to worry but try and stay calm and remember how well protected your baby is in the womb. I once dropped a hot cup of tea on myself in pregnancy which did concern me but everything was fine.

    Warm wishes,

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