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    Are you a mum-to-be?

    Do we have any pregnant forum members aged less than 24? Being young and pregnant can be exciting and scary. Here is one young mum's views of this in the article Pregnant Pause. Sarah writes:

    'So for those people who tell young mothers that their lives are over when they have children, it is so not. Your life is only just beginning.'

    It'd be great to hear your experiences on this!

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    I had my first at 20 and second at 23, both planned so not at all a surprise or a 'spanner in the works' of career plans or anything like that.

    It's a bit hard to say what my experiences of being a young first-time mum were, because I don't have anything to compare it to! Definitely don't feel that my life is/was over... I'm 29 now and having my third, still plenty of time for non-small-child-related life experiences when they're older, and I'll have the option of sharing those experiences with my teenaged/grown-up children.

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    That's great to hear Asrathiel - I hope your experiences will encourage other younger forum mums-to-be here. Now you have all that time to enjoy your children whilst you are still young

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