I have just come across an amazing hypnobirthing, waterbirth video here.

This is how I would love to birth my future baby! The lady has such a calmness in labour; she is clearly not scared of the process and is able to trust her body and her baby to labour as nature intended. Her birth support partner can be seen giving her 'light touch massage' which helps to release endorphins which act as a natural painkiller. The lady is using the hypnobirthing breathing techniques to relax her body, particularly her uterus, and allow the surges (contractions) to first open her cervix to full dilation and then push her baby out.

It's incredible to watch but also is how birth could be for by far the majority of women. Excellent birthing education and support can help women to achieve this.

Did you watch any birthing videos when you were pregnant? Do you feel that this helped you in labour?

I watched as many hypnobirthing videos as I could in my last pregnancy. I found that this helped to reassure me that birth could be without fear and a positive, empowering experience for all.

Warm wishes,