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    Did watching positive birth videos help you in labour?

    I have just come across an amazing hypnobirthing, waterbirth video here.

    This is how I would love to birth my future baby! The lady has such a calmness in labour; she is clearly not scared of the process and is able to trust her body and her baby to labour as nature intended. Her birth support partner can be seen giving her 'light touch massage' which helps to release endorphins which act as a natural painkiller. The lady is using the hypnobirthing breathing techniques to relax her body, particularly her uterus, and allow the surges (contractions) to first open her cervix to full dilation and then push her baby out.

    It's incredible to watch but also is how birth could be for by far the majority of women. Excellent birthing education and support can help women to achieve this.

    Did you watch any birthing videos when you were pregnant? Do you feel that this helped you in labour?

    I watched as many hypnobirthing videos as I could in my last pregnancy. I found that this helped to reassure me that birth could be without fear and a positive, empowering experience for all.

    Warm wishes,

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    Here's another awesome waterbirth video which shows a baby being born in the 'caul' without intervention from the midwife.

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    I was fortunate enough to birth my 4th bub under water and in the caul. His birth was an amazing home birth in a blow up kiddie pool. My midwife was very laid back and gently encouraged me every so often. Id say his birth was no intervention at all, she didn't check my dilation.
    The warm water while in the last stages of labor felt amazing, I remember being in a state of bliss in the final stages.
    Looking down at my son inside the caul was soooooo awesome. It took some tugging to get the caul off.
    I highly encourage watching positive home/water births during one's pregnancy.
    The total experience of home birth was very empowering to me as a woman and mother.

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    Wow, SunnyMumof5! What a wonderful water birth story! LJ, I found that watching birth videos really helped me to be comfortable with home birth and water birth options. I had 5 homebirths and the last 2 were water births.

    I loved the warm water during the last stages of labour, and it definitely helped my labour to progress quickly and I didn't tear at all (helped the perinium to relax to avoid tearing and need of episiotomy). I would have to say that for me, I didn't experience "bliss" in the last stages of labour. For me it was intense and I was looking forward to being done, but the water definitely was better than my births out of the water.

    SunnyMumof5 - I have actually never heard of a midwife attended birth where the midwife did not check dilation. I have heard of unattended births, where the husband caught the baby, and I'm guessing most husbands would not check dilation. I actually liked being checked because it gave me encouragement that I was making progress

    I will say, however, that with my last baby, I was 4cm dilated when I entered the water, and the midwife decided to go to sleep, leaving me with her assistant and my sister-in-law, Debbie (who was a lay midwife). An hour later, I was having "toe curling" contractions (literally, my toes would curl with every contraction) and I asked the midwife's assistant to please wake up the midwife so that she would check me. The assistant resisted, saying it had only been an hour, but my sister-in-law encouraged her to get the midwife, as she could tell that I was nearly complete and in transition, just by how I was labouring.

    I was 9 cm, with a cervical lip, and didn't have the urge to push at that point, so I just breathed through a few more contractions and then pushed the baby's head out in one contraction, and the shoulders and body in the next. Labouring in the water really helped labour to progress quickly and I, too, felt very empowered with each of my home births.


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    With my 4th baby my midwife was very hands off, almost unassisted. She got to my home about 30 min before the baby was born. Took the heart beat of the baby and encouraged me to get into the warm pool and wiI did check my own cervix a few hours earlier, and found myself to be about 5cm. I felt what i describe a "slimy apple" which we both agreed was the babies head, bulging sac. It was awesome being able to check myself. My midwife went over detailed instructions with me on how to do that.
    That birth was the most empowering of them all.

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    This is fantastic stuff sunnymumof5. It sounds incredible; what a way to meet your beautiful baby. I hope that many, many pregnant women read about your positive birth on here and are encouraged to trust their bodies and their babies.

    Thank you Kate - what a gift to have your sister-in-law to support you and the midwife in your labour. I feel that having someone assisting and supporting you in birth (as well as your partner) who knows you well can make every difference to the birth and the birthing environment.

    Yes I have heard that more women are choosing not to have internal examinations; I wrote a post about this here. If everything is progressing normally and naturally (as can be the case in the majority of labours) then an internal examination can slow labour and cause a woman to tense up.

    Warm wishes to you both,

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    I'd love to write up my whole birth story and share it if it would help more mums!
    Woman to woman support during pregnancy and birth help empower mama to have the best outcomes.
    I highly support mom to be surrounded by loved ones during her birth. Doula's are a great resource for that if mom does not have sisters or trusted friends. Doula's can offer support hand in hand with your partner.

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    Dear sunnymumof5,

    Thank you for your reply.

    We would love to read your full birth story on this forum if you were able to write it up. I'm sure it would be a huge encouragement to pregnant women around the world.

    I agree, I had a doula with my second birth (unfortunately I did not consider this with my first birth; which was a very traumatic experience for me). My doula helped me to feel confident and supported during my birth and to trust myself and simply allow my baby to come. I wrote up Josh's Birth Story here.

    Warm wishes,

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    I think i have my birth story saved, I will look for it when i get some down time!
    I remember reading only positive birth stories when i was pregnant, that kept my positive BIRTH energy flowing.
    Cant wait to read yours as well.

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    Yes - let's spread the positivity surrounding pregnancy and birth

    Thank you,


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