I just read and the article Pregnancy Symptoms with Twins and I found it very interesting. I can certainly see how someone could have all of these symptoms but I didn't really have very many of them. My uterus did measure a couple of weeks ahead which I'm guessing was a good thing since there were two babies I didn't get heartburn, which is amazing because I ate so many spicy foods. I didn't get even one stretch mark (which I guess is genetic but I slathered on the coco butter like crazy). My ankles didn't swell until after I gave birth to my boys (very weird). I was tired and uncomfortable but I think that happens to most pregnant women.

What I did experience was:

  • Pain in my rib cage when one of the babies would shove his foot in there.
  • Slight contractions starting at around 18 weeks.
  • Anaemia -- I had to take iron suppliments
  • Lots of trip to empty my bladder starting in my first trimester.

I'm interested to know what symptoms other twin mums have experienced.