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    10.5 weeks pregnant & always cold

    Hi, I am now 10.5 weeks pregnant & have been freezing cold since I found out I was pregnant. I am wanting to know what the reasons for this could be & should I be concerned as its the middle of summer. This is my first pregnancy & I've heard that most women usually feel more hot during this time.

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    Dear Bel888,

    Some women do feel particularly cold in pregnancy.

    You are right in thinking that the majority of women, however, feel hotter than usual in pregnancy. This is likely to be because of the increased blood volume in pregnancy and, because of this, some women find that they sweat more. The blood vessels also dilate more in pregnancy (in order to deal with the increased blood volume).

    In some pregnant women these affects are thought to be pronounced and can actually result in them reaching a lower temperature than pre-pregnancy. For many women this is just a normal part of pregnancy for them and they have to wrap up warm.

    In a minority of cases, feeling very cold in pregnancy could indicate a thyroid problem. Your doctor can organise a blood test for you in order to check this.

    Warm wishes,

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