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    Midwife-Led Care: Your Experiences

    There are many advantages to having midwife-led care for your pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. The majority of women will have a low-risk pregnancy and so will be able to access these services if they choose. Unfortunately, a minority of women will have medical conditions in pregnancy or be considered to be higher risk and the recommended care for these women is generally hospital-led (also known as consultant-led or obstetric-led).

    Many studies have shown the benefits to the women and baby of having midwife-led care. You can read a summary of this research here: Midwifery Care has Better Outcomes for Mothers and Babies. Advantages of midwife-led care cited in the research include:

    • medical interventions are less likely
    • continuity of care: a woman, her family and her medical history are already known to the midwife
    • less chance of an episiotomy
    • less likely to have an epidural (and the risks associated with this)
    • more likely to have a successful start to breastfeeding
    • an active birth is encouraged
    • studies show women are more likely to have a positive birth experience

    Note that studies show that (for low risk pregnancies) midwifery-led care is just as safe for mum and baby as hospital-led care.

    What really matters here is the experiences of mums. What are your experiences of midwife-led care? What advantages did you see during your pregnancy and birth and, indeed, did you feel there were any disadvantages? Did you feel you had a positive birth experience?

    We look forward to hearing from you.
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