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    No Menstruation/Period

    My daughter is turning 3years old this March. I am still breastfeeding her until now for at least 7-8 times a day. And ever since giving birth to her, my period hasn't returned yet. And I was also diagnosed to have a Bilateral Polycystic ovaries.
    "Is it normal that my period has not returned yet because I'm still breastfeeding and that I also have a Polycystic Ovaries? Or do I need to go to my OB?"

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    I suggest going for a annual visit, to get checked out and make sure everything is ok. Im sorry your going through this.
    However it is very normal to not have your cycle return while breastfeeding.
    A midwife can answer the Polycystic Ovary question in more detail as she is more experienced with that condition.
    I wish you all the best and congratulations for nursing for 3 years!

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