Here is a video produced by Unicef showing the breast crawl. Have you seen, experienced or heard of this before?

The breast crawl is a newborn baby's inbuilt ability to crawl towards the breast and latch on. This is how a newborn baby is designed; to find and drink his/her mother's breastmilk. Unicef write that this special state (where a baby has the ability to breast crawl) only lasts 30-45 minutes following birth.

All this means that it is essential that breastfeeding is initiated as soon as possible following birth. It also highlights the importance of skin-to-skin contact and the need to let mum and baby bond together immediately following birth (weighing the baby, cleaning the baby etc can wait).

What an incredible ability a baby is born with. My hope is that all new parents everywhere are aware of the breast crawl and are given the support and time by medical professionals to allow this to take place.

I look forward to hearing your responses to this,